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thanks to everybody who have sent in, or supplied links to demos, and tunes .

but at present all new releases are cancelled, and i’m not accepting any further material..

so as TG announced in 1981 … THE MISSION IS TERMINATED !!!!


well for now anyway ………………………….


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S.C.FREE 1 is a Promotional cdr, of exclusive tracks. Only available with any other purchases from the label Striate Cortex UK. 50 copies only.



01 Tim Newman  – Page Park Is Empty
02 Mark Bradley – Sacred Musics
03 Sindre Bjerga – Minor Misdirection
04 Untitled – Untitled
05 Iversen – Ballroom
06 Dead Wood – Resort Free
07 Phantom Heron Seas – Megenta Skyways
08 L.C.B. – Linda
09 Daniel Thomas  – Heavy Density
10 Small Things On Sundays – Moonship ( Phase One )


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2 x mini cdrs in a hand made outer cover, pro artwork, and printed discs.

Limited edition of 50 copies.


Kosmotron contains two mini cdrs , each containing a 20 minute Untitled drone , experimental piece .

Project realised by M R I CLOUGH.

M . Clough other  work ,,,, listen here

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The tightly wound, relentless back-and-forth of these analogue throbs and pulses suggest a kind of teeth-grinding, cheek-chewing, speed-freak non-narrative: ‘and then, and then, and then, and then…’  Perhaps it should accompany Warhol’s Empire?  Or maybe a time-lapse film of a giant copper clad cathedral dome oxidizing and being encrusted with livid green verdigris?

Or how about multi-limbed sport-bots thwacking a dozen basketballs at once to each other across an empty floor of an underground car park?  Or, especially during the bibbling sections of the second track, angry artificial intelligences throwing packets of information around in the hope of winning a competition the rules of which our pitiful brains could not begin to grasp?  Yeah, as good as that. ( Both snippets by Rob Hayler  .  RFM  )

full story here

and here at Igloomag



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“Spontaneous Mutations”

Cdr housed in a hand made decorated slip case, 8 page booklet, enclosed in a hand sewn cloth bag. In an edition of 50 copies.


01. Framing Error   02. Silent Substitution    03. Biosphere

04. DNA Codec   05. Brain Studies   06. Cybernetics   07. Macromolecule

08. Neurotherapy   09. Superorganism   10. Metaphase   11. Mutagenesis

Recorded in October 2012 in Chantepie, France

now available

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purchase here


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Thanks  to Rob Hayler  over  at Radio Free Midwich, for all his support  and brilliant reviews  throughout 2012…   ” Thanks Man “

It’s been a great year, lets hope  the  2013 will be  just as  eventful ….

Story Here

 catch you all soon


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“Unknown Strains”

3″ mini cdr comes in a handmade paper wallet, pvc slip sleeve containing 3 small postcard inserts, and printed disc. In an edition of 50 copies.


01. Germ Codex
02. 57.14 North
03. Pathogen Drift
04. Synthetic Telepathy
05. Virus Transmitter

Recorded at S7 ( Winter 2010 )

All audio – Tim Mitchell
Mastered – J.R.Moore

Released  19/11/2012

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The music is compelling, eerie, spacious.  Machines emit electronic throbs and skitter.  Bubbles of sound rise and burst releasing snatches of barely audible dialogue from public information films or maybe a videoed record of laboratory life.  It feels like walking around a ruined industrial complex on a frosty morning, taking off your glove to feel the side of a giant centrifuge and, inexplicably, finding it warm to the touch, still humming.  The album and track titles suggest a science fiction tale of escaped contagion, a story compiled from the remaining fragments of the official record but told with the nihilistic, noirish efficiency of Roadside Picnic by the Strugatsky brothers.  Hypnotic, immersive, icily calm.

 ( By Rob Hayler ~ Radio Free Midwich )  Full story here.



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Comes in a hand made decorated pouchette, printed disc, liner notes, and a postcard screen print. Released in a limited edition of 60 copies.


01. Circles Burning
02. October Mass
03. Eastern Sunset
04. Strange Masks
05. Conqueror Worm
06. Slum Hymn
07. Coma Of Sunday

Recorded – Aug / Sept 2012

Booklet photography and all tracks – Tim Mitchell.

Final mastering and screen print by James R Moore.

Released  26/10/2012

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Here Thossian Process (aka Tim Mitchell) presents seven tracks of disembodied abstraction … a nocturnal firmament teeming with phantomised insects… transparent bodies that are used to the barest of illumination. A suspension of flash-lit digital dust, semi opaque mysteries that I imagine, fit well with a journey through the ruined environments documented in the inlay. The blackness carving anxious fallouts to these shrill fractals of Circles Burning. The coo-ing pigeon roots placing doubts in perception, as the spray of oily loplop feathers are tangled in a choke of ivy, modulations mingling with the smell of damp earth and moulding concrete… Machine born vocabularies shadow playing the watery timbers and rumble.

A negligee of neglect, October mass is all sinewave serpentia… devotional tones blighted in bubbling of liquidised tremor… as a lone shaman rattles out safe passage, seemingly holding the arterial shiver of light against a lake of glistening black coils…

Eastern Sunset is a pure blood fell horizon of cobra sonics, a kazooed mainline splatter of tentacles… and abrasive counter directions… whereas Strange masks… unravels more hypnotically as a firefly of magical metallics flap the speaker’s diaphragm, and swarming mirror fragments are threaded on the starkest of numbed percussion…

Conqueror Worm is beset with swished mouthwashes and electro prodded caustics as a pulsating maggot wax chews through debris… dynamically ending in a mechanised scream…

Slum Hymn is my favourite… whirring, coupled with a masticated plod… a murmuring breeze of chant, affixed to an Assyrian undulation which soaks into you as more and more camouflaged details betray themselves… before Coma of Sunday eloquently ends the audio excursion in a slow displacement of algae… a soup of camen uncertainties… echoes of subterranean manatees or watery owls… vapour vends that linger…

( by Cloudboy ~ Rottenmeats )


With so much noise these days being so, er…, noisy it is easy to forget how empty and eerie some of that early industrial stuff could be.  Thossian Process captures that vibe perfectly with rhythmic ticks, pulses and pitter-patter in lieu of anything too drum-like and a carefully chosen palette of electronics used sparingly and with purpose.  A couple of tracks even have that vaguely ethnographic Middle Eastern/North African influence that bands like Cabaret Voltaire tapped into.

Part of what makes the album so compelling is the space within the music.  I don’t mean it is ‘dubby’ – this is not a stoner-friendly warm bath – rather it is ‘spacious’ like a harshly lit, unfurnished room, or a view across a frozen lake, or the inside of your head when you wake sweating in the pitch black at 3.30am.

The seven tracks that make up this release total a fat-free 28 minutes.  This efficiency shows a respect both for the material and for the listener and ensures that the quick-witted inventiveness throughout is left undiluted and espresso strong.  Its discipline is admirable.  Given its very high tolerance to repeat listening. (Full story here)

( By Rob Hayler ~ Rado Free Midwich)


Further  review  at Muhmur, by Stephen Cammack

 MuhMur SoundArt Broadcast: 29/11/2012, featuring Thossian Process

track 6:  Slum Hymn .   LISTEN TO THE  FULL SHOW HERE