Limited  to 80 copies

Disc mounted in a handmade sleeve, covered with liner notes booklet

and postcard.  Housed in a slipcase, with mounted painted art.


01. LHC vs Tevatron  ..   02. Surtsey  ..   03. Static Heights Pt 1 ..

04. Staitic Heights Pt 2 ..  05. Floating In Space ..


Small Things on Sundays’ fourth full-length album release “Mass/Flux” is an aural interpretation of forces at work – flowing magma, nuclear powers, electromagnetism and gravitation. This is some of the duo’s most powerful and beautiful music. As the five long tracks has more aggression and energy and usually takes unexpected turns in a crackling, boiling and droning sound-world, this album is more powerful and demanding for the listener than the more dark ambient style investigated earlier. Small Things imagines seeing the subject from inside the matter investigated.

The humming sounds of powerful scientific machinery is illustrated by coils of vibrant sound-loops tensing up the atmosphere, minimal in its repetitive structure and shifting form as the unruly energies pushes back and forth to escape its forms and become part of new structures.

Compiled by Henrik Bagner

Mixed and mastered by Claus Poulsen


Released March 2011.

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Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen, together being Small Things On Sundays,
found on the internet sounds from the LHC, the world’s largest and
highest-energy particle accelerator. I assume they no longer use the
treated vinyl which was apparent on their earlier work, but I am not
sure if they exclusively use the LHC sounds, or that they perhaps
added some of their own sound material, these days also including
radio, guitar, viola and objects.
They created five long pieces with this sound material that are best
described as ambient industrial. Mood music. Atmospheric delights.
Quite refined as such, which makes ‘Mass/Flux’ a step forward for
this duo. Things sound more worked out here, more composed, less
improvised. Still not entirely flawless, and sometimes a bit too long
and spaced out, there is still room for improvement for these guys,
but it seems the more they play the better it gets.

by  F D Waard at  VITAL WEEKLY  #777 .

Further  review  by Stephen Fruitman at Sonomu here

SOLD  OUT  but  some copies available  at

Norman records + Boa Melody Bar

or also available  as  a Digital Download  at Bandcamp ,

here :~ http://smallthingsonsundays.bandcamp.com/album/mass-flux


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 4, 2011.

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