Limited  to 80 copies  .

Cdr mounted on tray against Pro art , housed in a hand sewn blue velvet bag


01. Sit Down And Wait For Me Here  02. On The Uptown  03. Help Computer !

04. Stretched Beyond Their Limits   05. Pretty As Love   06. Buckfaster

07. Interlude   08. Toys  09. 1664   10. Piano Doubt    11. Lullabys For Sleep

12. Sleep   13. Westerly Winds Prevail

Released  07/04/2011


Mike Orr     ( Spaces Between )     …   says !!

love guitars, noise and a lot of other things. This is my music, composed by myself. A lot of sounds-capes and textures, ambience of certain time’s places are reflected within the songs. the songs represent different emotions, themes, events, experiences, moments in time, different city landscapes, travel. The songs stand as themselves as songs but a lot of them would fit perfectly with video imagery.Im looking to do music for film or television, also for some video art. right now.I’m am willing to work with artists of any kind. getting ready to play live gigs , its taking time gathering the gear and figuring out how to do it live

for info and purchase  from Mike link to myspace :~ http://www.myspace.com/spacesbetweenmusic


or  check out  tracks at Bandcamp :~


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REVIEW  by F D Waard at VITAL WEEKLY #777

Mike Orr is from Bristol and calls himself Spaces Between. He refers to pieces as ‘songs’, which I always like. His songs are made with guitars and computers, but mainly guitars I should think. The computers are used to provide rhythms rather than a variety of processes, although not in every track. Guitars are layered together, and either play a variety of tunes or more sound-scape like sound matter. Its more pop than experiment I should think. Moody and textured for sure, but also a lot more poppy, mainly due to the average length of the pieces, which is around three to five minutes. His guitar still sounds like a guitar and not like a mighty drone music or the starting point for some computer doodling. At times horrible out of date, as in ‘1664’, but then also as a lovely small technoid android piece in ‘Piano Doubt’. Spaces Between bounces all over the place, which is a nice display of what Orr can do with his guitar, but perhaps this variety is a bit in the way of a more coherent album. I guess those are considerations to be made next time. This is a most promising start.

Review  at Igloomag here: by Stephen Fruitman

available  now  here


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 4, 2011.

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