Mini  3″ cdr  ltd to 50 copies

Cd encased  in a  complete  hand  made  cover , with  pro art  liner  .


01. Masked  Out

Recorded live in Huddersfield 06/02/2011.

Drones cultivated :  Kevin Sanders

Using Reed Organs, Strings  (Ukulele, Violin and tapes)

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Petals (or PETALS or petals) is the project of Huddersfield based Kev Sanders and is fast becoming a favourite round these parts.  His drones and noise pieces are constructed with intelligence, wit and with a finely tuned sense of balance.  Simmering anger, contemplative beauty – it can be as languid as a cat having its stomach rubbed, it can draw blood as fast as the same cat should your stomach-rubbing technique prove lacking.  Lovely chap too.

‘Masked Out’ is roar from the off.  Waves crash against a terminal beach.  The surf – thick with brown foam like a perverse expanse of cocoa-powdered cappuccino froth – pulls the pebbles to and fro, slowly pulverising shell fragments with a crackling, rhythmic hiss.  This is a perfect soundtrack to the penultimate section of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.  The hero has flung himself into the unimaginably far future and witnesses what might literally be the end of life on the Earth: ( by Rob Hayler . RFM )

Read the full story : Radio Free Midwich


More  info and free downloads  about  and from Kevin at :




~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 4, 2011.

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