Limited  edition  of 80 copies  , The  first 35 came  with  an extra  mini 3″ . Hand  painted  canvas cover , pro art , and  housed in a pvc  sleeve


01. A Vague Notion Of Resistance .. 02. Buzzfield .. 03. Abandoning Richter : A White Lie Caught Up With The Seismologists .. 04. Spangereid – Lillehavn .. 05. Reverse Universe .. 06. Bruised Rubber Seabird.. 07. Kingdom Of Silence .. 08. Rudolph’s Hurry.. 09. Ride To Agadir .. 10. Ruby Red Rainbow.. 11. On A Plane.. 12. Draburhat Kalura .. 13. A Large Collection Of Reasons..


All tracks previously released on various compilations 2005-2009.

1.From “Observation point, vol. 2”, released by Dirty Demos, 2007
2.From “Dead Sea Liner Sports Day”, released by Dead Sea Liner, 2006
3.From “I don’t think the dirt belongs to the grass”, released by Carbon Records, 2006
4.From “Catz-En-Jammer, vol. 1”, released by TIBProd, 2005
5.From “NuMusic CD#2”, released by Zang: 2007
6.From “Critical Mess 1”, released by Gold Soundz/TIBProd, 2008
7.From “Visions Beyond”, released by Black Arts Productions, 2009
8.From “A new star in the Heavens”, released by Zaftig Research, 2005
9.From “Catzenjammer 4”, released by TIBProd, 2005
10.From “Critical Mess 1”, released by Gold Soundz/TIBProd, 2008
11.From “What more do you need than a tape recorder?”, released by Ambolthue, 2007
12.From “Ihmettelenpa Sanoi Kampela Jos Lahana On Pliisu “ released by 267 Lattaja, 2006
13.From “Wailing Bones vol. 6”, released by Foxglove/Digitalis Industries, 2006

Released  Feb  2011.

 purchase here

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Live Tou Scene, Stavanger, 26.08.2007,

Comes in an limited edition of 35 , hand painted cover, included with “Same River Twice” Striate Cortex S.C.36 .

Originally released as part of a split cdr , Various – Bootleg (Live Tou Scene, Stavanger, 26.08.2007)

(((    SORRY , mini edition sold  out  , you may find  one  from Bjerga/Iversen  here      )))


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 7, 2011.

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