Limited  edition  of  50 , mini cdr  mounted  on a  hand  painted  board  ,

insert , housed  in a hand  painted  Arigato pak


01. vs  Beren 1
02. vs  Beren 2
03. Wishywishy Flower

Recorded 2007 .  Art concept : Joey Chainsaw .

Released  21/02/2011

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Comes in an arrigato pack and it’s housed on a painted piece of wood and suspended on a nipple. Beautiful. No idea who Beren are but here they’ve collaborated with Joey Chainsaw on a 3″ CD of noisey feedbacky guitar gear. It’s reasonably brutal as well with some really low in the mix tribal style drumming which you only start to notice after a few minutes as it’s literally swamped under dense layers of guitar feedback and it continues as thus. It’s about as far away from funtime as you’re gonna get but if you want something a bit punishing and you’re into the likes of Skullflower and that I reckon you’ll more than likely love this ‘un!  …  PHIL AT NORMAN RECORDS :

 also review  here  : Rottenmeats




~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 7, 2011.

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