Limited edition of 50, mini cd in a hand made cover, contained in pro art , all housed in a hand made outer sleeve.


01. A Room With  a View.

Recorded live at roomservice 2010 on november 4th, 2010 in wageningen.
edited in march and april 2011.
all sounds by sietse van erve
dedicated to my mother whose birthday i had to miss because of this.

Released  17/05/2011

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A live recording from last year, on the day Sietse van Erve’s (Orphax main man) had her birthday which he had to miss because of his concert. Now this release is dedicated to her. I am not sure what Orphax’s sees through his window, but its not a static scenery. In the first six minutes he builds up a picture of industrial waste lands, and empty factories. Quite an unsettling picture, but the rest is a much more mellow drone like affair, which we perhaps now him best for. Here the room seems to be looking across a wide open landscape, green grass. A view from train more likely, I was thinking. We leave the city, and go out into the open, and the music is build from the train sounds (obviously I am making this all up of course). I especially liked the second half of the piece a lot. Dark spacious drone music! (FdW) Vital Weekly 783

Also review  by Rob Hayler  here :~  RFM

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   http://www.orphax.com/    via   Moving  Furniture Records


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 13, 2011.

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