Housed in a plastic sleeve with pro print liner, and printed discs .

Limited edition mini 3″ cdr of 50 .


01 . Leaves
02 . Tones
03 . Lying

“For varying degrees of spring , The last snowfalls, are melting
the dry and chilly air”.

All Tracks : Boban Ristevski

Released 05/01/11

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Massive & throbbing!  Enormous pure tones lobbed themselves out my puny speakers.  They kinda don’t do much…just sit in the air being massive and throbbing…but that’s cool.  Imagine Pan Sonic really playing it down and letting the machines run themselves.  Imagine fat bellies blubbering together.  Imagine water filled balloons bouncing down the stairs in slow mo.  Some seriously low frequencies here that are (as I sit here and write) merging with the racket of our washing machine, almost like the whole house is slowly gaining cognition and is stretching out for life.  The last track, lying overlaps these massive blobs to start some tintibulating action from the windows.  Play loud at your peril!  .  ( By Joe Murray ,  http://www.myspace.com/iamposset )



~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 14, 2011.

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