Housed in a Arigato Pak with painted art, pro liner, and printed disc, with insert.Limited to 100 copies.


01 . Fusion Licks
02 . Pale Rider

“We wanted to make an album like the prog records of the early 70’s that had  just two songs,  one on each side.
After reading a review of an Ash Ra Tempel album, we tried to recreate the  sound it described.
On hearing  the the Ash Ra album it sounded  nothing  like ours …. “

Charlie Cudlip : Guitar
Olly Page : Guitar
Tim Newman : Guitar and all the  rest

Released  25/01/2011

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Vibrafuzz are a three piece band from Bristol and this is their debut release. It ‘is based upon a 70’s LP vinyl LP and was inspired by the writings of Julian Cope’s Krautrock/Japrock samplers’, I am told, and the cover reveals its an Ash Ra Temple album. They read about one track per side and when they heard the album after recorded their own two times twenty minutes it turned out Ash Ra Temple sounded differently. Nice story and surely gives you a pretty good clue as to where to place Vibrafuzz on the musical map. Krautrock it is. All three members get credits for guitars, while Tim Newman also gets credit for ‘all the rest’. This brings back those endless guitar doodling of such bands as Acid Mothers Temple and every space rock band before that. But I must admit that I quite enjoyed this particular one.Vibrafuzz also uses a bit of electronics, more than seems usual (allowed?) in this kinds of music, and that adds a gentle, even more flowing aspect to the music. More cosmic than kraut at times, but I am the first to admit those differences are quite small. Striate Cortex has been playing this over and over since they got and its easy to understand why: it has a great drive, through endless guitar solos, banging drum machines, swirling spacious synths. Two times twenty minutes, but as easily it could have been two times forty and it would still be equally great. Excellent music to do some hyperactive stuff along: cleaning the dishes for instance and air guitar along.  (FdW) Vital Weekly 768

available  now  for  £3.00 + postage  here


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on May 14, 2011.

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