Paper covered hand painted digipak, Pro art, printed disc ..Housed in stickered pvc

slip case. Released in an edition of 50 ..

Dedicated to Sara Book.
Thanks to Tunes in the Key of Thud for the drums on Thud Life 1 & 2.

“Everything crumbles and everything fades      ……    Time collapses and matter collides

 Too late for sorry too late for goodbye     …….      Life like a sigh slips slowly away”

(Sara Book)


1 Thud Life 1            2 Weekends 2          3 Thud Life 2          4 Weekends 5

5 Colossus Thunderer No1 Vs The Furrower                   6 Drym Lane Atomball

Released  10/08/11


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What we have here is a 50 minute(ish), 6 track, CD-r housed in a digipack covered with what looks like hand-made yellow paper and spattered with red and green ink.  It looks like a section of the floor of Mos Eisley Cantina following a violent argument between two species of clientele.

The set comprises several long tracks of drone and noise interspersed with short tracks of hiss and fizz.  The opener is formed of several movements, each of which mutates from the previous.  Some of these mutations are sudden and alarming – new limbs sprout fully formed and immediately lean their elbows on the keyboard – but this isn’t just a bunch of sketches cobbled together.  Patience reveals a satisfying and surprising whole.  The short tracks are little shards of broken mirror, reflecting a cloudless sky.  The final track is the best as it builds to a glorious, cathartic roar, like dragons mourning the death of one of their number with the fire-breathing equivalent of a 21 gun salute.

Review written by Rob Hayler

read the full story here :~ Radio Free Midwich

other  quality reviews  at :~ Rottnenmeats +  freq


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on August 23, 2011.

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