Released in a paper covered digipak, pro print liner, and black vinyl type cdr in an edition of 100. Final mastering by Claus Poulsen.

Is a collection of moods that has been compiled from a series of my friends at Myspace ,
Most of the tracks here , are previously unreleased ,and this excellent idea is intended to promote the known , and the obscure . Exposing the listener to a magnificent aural experience . …


01. <(O)> ~ “At The Feet Of Colossus”
02. Enfer Boreal ~ “Paddyswan”
03. Mirko Uhlig ~ “Paul’s Pony”
04. Dronæment ~ “Fullfilling The Promise Of Totæl Pointless Return”
05. Every Kid On Acid  ~ “Brain Syphilis 7 ( Broken Pen Rmx By Shg )”
06. Small Things On Sundays ~ “Lhc Vs Tevatron”
07. Donato Epiro ~ “Ifeifeife”
08. Sympathetic Division ~ “The Three Furies”
09. Joinedbywire ~ “Unimaginable II”
10. Imago Meccano ~ “Delixounz Embr0ne”

Released  16/12/10

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This disc comes in a very cool fake alligator-skin booklet.  A bunch of myspace ‘friends’ selected by Andy Striate to twank, fumph and drizzle through a comp of all things dark and sub-underground in Europe.  Deep drones are represented for sure but there are also more composed chuffings here. The cryptically monikered (<0>) play heavy weight guitar that bends gravity a bit round the edges.  Mikro Uhlig’s track reminds me of listening to My Bloody Valentine on a cheap walkman (a good thing!).  Joinedbywire plumb the ‘backwards through a blackhole’ vibe of Astral Social Club and SHG: Every Kid On Acid send glassy ping-pong bubbles up through a deep, deep lake.  Perfect music for lifting heavy furniture without losing your temper.

( By Joe Murray ,  http://www.myspace.com/iamposset )


Buy one  here  : Boa Melody Bar


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on December 3, 2011.

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