Disc mounted on hand painted stiff board, wrapped in net material, and postcard. Limited  edition  of  50.


01. Pabst
02. Concentrazione 33
03. Prima Dell’alba
04. XXI
05. Cose Di Nessuno
06. Ofar Rewind
07. XXV ( Parte Seconda )
08. IV
09. Lettera Aperta Agli Unurai

L.C.B. : Synth , bass, drum machine, effects, electric mistress,
keyboard, record player

Le Cose Bianche was born in the first months of 2009 in Arezzo, after some free Live-Electronics sessions.  Son and heir of former music experiences in the ambient-industrial sphere, Le Cose Bianche has a one and unique figure as father.  His strong passion for sound extremism, for experimentation, for audio manipulation, and especially his bond with the precursors of the genre (from Russolo and Bianchi to nowdays) bring him to the urge of exploring musical paths and corners, wich are free from any rational or stilish chain. His consciousness of his creations, that he consider nothing groundbreaking, saves him from falling into pettiness, banality and pomposity. Le Cose Bianche is The Man, with his languages, his shifts and cracks, his discomfort.

With his curved behaviour and the whacked hopes. With his life, too.

With his end, above all.

 Released  16/08/2010

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Pounding loops, a shifting soundscape of, possibly, field recordings, a nod in the direction of our old friend industrial music (it’s refreshing to hear a new take on these influences) and maybe even a hint of dub. La Cose Bianche bring it all together in a rewarding way and Striate Cortex wrap it up in a chunk of fishnet tights material! The last time I saw anything like this, it was wrapped around a 7″ by Van Halen!!     (John Cavanagh)

Purchase  :~  here


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on January 20, 2012.

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