Comes  housed  in a  clear  dvd  case , printed  art and  cdr, Limited edition of 100.


01. Power Station
02. Pioneers
03. Bark Beatles
04. Cavernous
05. Hull
06. From A Distance

”More” is the follow-up to ”4 AM”. Small Things on Sundays continue to explore sounds between dark ambient and drone. This time the duo digs deeper into the darkness with more industrial and powerful sounds.

 ”More” is a journey into apparently desolate sites or constructions devoid of human activity. The music is a sonic interpretation of these places. It could be the vibrations of machines in empty buildings or the distant waves crashing in on the shoreline. It could be the wind audible in an old factory vent or the hissing sound underneath the car-tires on a rainy motorway, its still hard to tell which is the original source.

 On ”More”, Small Things on Sundays continue to use vinyl samples, destroyed guitars and other sound sources,…….. distorted, re-sampled and mutated, again and again, until a new expression is obtained.

Released  17/05/2010

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 This duo, Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen, hail from Denmark. I am still not sure if they still use just ‘electronic treatments of vinyl records in any tempo’ – might it be silly to suggest it does, since the title is ‘More’? It doesn’t sound like something has really changed for them, maybe that would be too early, come to think of it. Things are still very dark, very ambient and with much drones. Its actually as good as their previous ‘4AM’ release, when, as said, also very much along similar to that one. Maybe that’s a bit of a disappointment then, but the six pieces are quite nice. Well worked out, covering the grey and black ends of the sound spectrum.   ( Frans De Waard , Vital Weekly 732 )

and further  read  at Foxy Digitalis, by Scott Mckeating .

Listen to or buy digital download  here



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