Housed  in a  clear dvd case, printed  cover and  cdr, with  additional postacrd. Limited edition  of  50.


01. Last Train
02. Schorr
03. Volavka

‘There now, Yvonne. Come along, darling… We’re almost home!’
‘Strange — ‘ the Consul said.
A hideous pariah dog followed them in.

Cover art concept : ‘Day of the Dead in the City’ a fresco by Diego Rivera.
All tracks by M. Tau; except ‘Volavka’ with help from N. Talmi.

Musculus is Michael Tau, who also writes reviews.  His work can be found at Foxy Digitalis , and also Indieville ..   where he curates the web space.

Released  30/03/2010

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I once had a house mouse. It used to leave droppings behind my toaster after it had scoffed all the crumbs i’d left. I could never have caught it though for it was far too cute & no bother, really. I don’t know why people kill mice, they really are cruel bastards. I loved the idea of my mouse having a massive network of tunnels & random acquaintances stretching down through peoples terraced homes all the way down the road. Oh? What? I’m supposed to be reviewing this CD? Oh sorry….This particular mouse is a rather noisy, doom-bound example. He likes the sound of a nuclear explosion fed through an filthy echo filter, claps of thunder behind huge, bleak mountains and the sound of torrential rain outside a lonely, isolated haunted cottage in the peak district. On Ketamine. This is a rather oppressive but thoroughly compulsive listen. If this is the music mice make when they’re pissed off…..  ( Brian at Norman records )



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