Housed  in a Jungle leaf deco covered  sleeve, hand painted and  printed  liner  notes, and sprayed  discs. Limited  edition of 100.


1 – Replica Universe
2- You Are Horses

Plurals at myspace

Released  30/04/2010


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Hot Dang – i can’t stop playing this.
we’re setting out on a journey along a dusty highway into death valley or some such hellpit, a place into which noone or thing has been for a millenia. Nothing much ever happened here & what ever did occur echoes still like some abandoned shopping trolley filled with our forefather’s hopes, dreams and aspirations… theres no pay off, its bleak, lonely, dark & dry, – this is one massive ghostly vista with no happy endings. Parallells can be draw between this and Double Leopards’ Halve Mean although the sounds here are much more subdued. Soundscapes from Striate Cortex are new with an edge often all too absent from this familiar territory tagged as drone or dark ambient, this stuff right here is much more “full immersion floatation tank” -, there are perhaps others who have begun to tire of all those “Depthy drones” or “Frozen Landscape” formula releases which occupy so much space in music collections. Here is something a bit new – no restrictions, – thoughfully created & care is taken by this label to produce a “happening” – an artwork which guarantees room for an imagination. ( Written by Peter Garnett.  Alba Art & Antique Studio –  Antique prints, paintings and collectibles, On the famous B869 Drumbeg coastal road. )


This tasty limited CD release from Striate Cortex showcases two new compositions from Brighton/High Wycombe based recording artists Plurals. Now this is a proper intense drone-athon essentially made up of a brooding mix of synth ambiance and deathly space howls. The use of synth here is spell-binding and conjures up all sorts of interstellar imagery in my super spaced out brain. Additional brass or reed instruments contribute to the unsettling atmosphere and penetrate the ear like the wailing of new born child. With two tracks clocking in at approximately 40 minutes this is intensive stuff but a must have for all you Natural Snow Buildings types out there. I should mention the tasteful leafy sleeve…it’s really pweetty.    (Brian at Norman Records)



~ by STRIATE CORTEX on January 21, 2012.

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