Housed in Painted card liner , printed discs , and printed outer envelope sleeve …..    In a  limited  edition  of  100 .


1.You cant Make Me Forget
2. ( If Voices Came Out Of ) Static Air
3. Quiet Mountain
4. Landslide
5. Heartbeat
6. You Cant Break Me
7. Dark And Nearly Empty
8. Revisit

All tracks and inlay design : H. Bagner .   Outer A4 sleeve : Artwerk ,

( C. Poulsen ) and Viola – Astrid B. Johansen (tracks: 1 – 6)

Released  17/05/2010

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The deliciously named On the Wrong Planet opens his debut album musically as majestically as the package crafted to hold it.

Peeling open the cellophane flap and unfolding the A4-sized protective sheet designed by Claus Poulsen reveals a beautiful black and gold, hand-painted pocket sleeve housing a handsome insert card and printed disc repeating the outermost cover design.

This eight-track, hour-long journey is an epically restrained journey into fantastical depths of exploratory uncertainty, beginning with great optimism and beauty before travelling through an asteroid belt of quiet but dense static, obliterating any possible message.

The journey beyond and outward unfolds with the same kind of wonder – and terror – that strikes you when you take time to really gaze up at the night sky. That all that distance could arouse so much emotion. There are layers upon layers here, spheres inside spheres.

Dark ambient, without a doubt, but glimmering with a thousand points of light. Henrik Bagner, one half of the admirable Small Things on Sunday with the above-mentioned Poulsen, has furthermore manipulated viola work by Astrid B. Johansson, who lends grace to ”You Can´t Make Me Forget” and ”You Can´t Break Me”, track titles which raise the question of the more personal, emotionally invested side of this weightless and beatless but still very visceral recording. ( Posted by Stephen Fruitman,  30 Oct 2011 ) view  here



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