Housed in a hand made painted card sleeve , with stickered liner notes….  Printed cdr. In a limited  edition  of  100.


01. My Personal Dust … Throuroof

02. Triangular Circles And Star-Shaped Squares … Bjerga/Iversen

 Released 04/05/2010

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Unsettling Starbursts opens up here with a twenty minute piece of bird calls and drones. The latter are a bit distorted which form an interesting contrast with the bird sounds of spring time (and with the birds outside I guess). Its hard to say wether I think this is really good. The semi-distortion ruins it a bit for me. Bjerga/Iversen also have twenty minutes at their disposal. They too evolve their business around field recordings from an airport lounge (in The Netherlands judging by some of the announcements, maybe on their November visit to Extrapool?), feeding it through a delay pedal. I imagine them waiting in an airport and setting up their mobile equipment and play a live piece on the spot. Maybe that’s my romantic side at looking at these matters? It sounds like that, and best is not to disturb those assumptions. Its a great,

silent piece of electronics and field recordings. Perhaps the sort of thing ThrouRoof had in mind, but now working wonderfully well.

( Frans De Waard , Vital Weekly , 732 )



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