Housed in a card fold outer, hand painted front, printed 3″ mini cdr. In a limited  edition  of 70.


1. Womb Of Your Hand
2. Old Ghosts
3. Forest Mantra
4. Wolfs Milk
5. The Eagle With The Sunlit Eye

Recorded winter 2009
Artwork  by  Joey Chainsaw

Released  07/06/2010

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The opener ‘Womb of your hand’ has this stunning ritualistic sway about it, the contoured guitar falling endlessly through long fingers, all dew glinted… secondary vocal shadows follow, rooting through the dark soil in search of moonlight… feeling like brambles twisting into your skin, injecting unwritten knowledge intravenously as smokey mirrors bear strange fruit.….

A few tracks on this EP burn out on a semi ambient vibe, as if half asleep, delicate, like faded lithographs or a seed bearing breeze, this ever present sense of rising thunder churning away in the background, real headphone material – especially ‘wolf’s milk’…

On others, the sonic apparitions are intersected with sparkling chords… nautilus lustres throwing out the eastern flavours… suddenly a match strikes, becoming scarlet tongues spiralling grey clouds.…

The captured panoramas of the last track get my vote, those unfurling stitches of guitar harmonics and voice melding, the odd fractured drum falling through the resulting drone, all quite beautiful… then a harpsichord chime cuts into the introspective vibe and opens up a jewellery box inside your head…  ( By Cloudboy, at ROTTENMEATS ……..   full review and video here )

hear  more from Christelle here



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