S.C.25. ☰ ( HEAVEN )


Housed in a slim dvd case, hand painted and stickered liner, printed outer  cover.

Limited edition of 75.  The First 18 copies contain a dvd of films by J.Price .


01. Untitled                  02. MeSH DO20188                03. Hypnotic

04. Untitled                 05. Erotique ( psycho drone mix )

J.Price , UK

music: hypnotic drones, synth pop.

sleep paralysis, sleep deprivation, the moon, hallucinegenic experineces..


   “represents heaven and creative originality in all things. It signifies a change for the better.” also represents the sky.

“basically a compilation of distortions and manipulations of pre-recorded tracks of mine. the dvd contains early amateur visual experiments compiling images and patterns. this was not released for your pleasure, sold purley as documentation…” -J.P

Released  04.06.2010

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available  now  for  £2.00 + postage :~ here


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on January 21, 2012.

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