Released in a hand made paper covered stiff outer, pro art, and printed discs.
Limited edition of 60 .


A. New Territories
B. Pennine Interlude
C. Bosky

Midwich is Rob Hayler, mostly

a) by daniel thomas and rob hayler, b) & c) by rob hayler, recorded march 2012


Almost a year ago Rob Hayler ( Midwich ) reveiwed a compilation cdr here at Striate Cortex, it featured at Radio Free Midwich , and after stunning words on the whole release , we spoke via email …     Since then hes just about reviewed the whole Striate Cortex full back catalogue ..  quite a task !!!!

so now in April 2012 , I’m proud to release something for him in return …..

Running Repairs by Midwich , out this month ..
consists of three tracks, at 50mins ish of beautiful drones …
the whole thing reminds me of a construction plant in full process….

firstly in collaboration with Daniel Thomas , New Territories, sees the components enter., and production by robotics gets underway ,
after a corridor break , track two Pennine Interlude adds the final touches to finish the construction ..
Bosky is the  finale, a 25 minute piece ……complete , the new module is ready to embark … to a new begining, and a new life    ………

Released 07/04/2012

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Running Repairs which is probably the most remarkable Midwich release to date. A tiny two minute segment of buried voices and howling wind is sandwiched between a slowly evolving granular melody and a single oscillating note both of which run to over twenty minutes.

Where are the dainty pulses and head bobbing melodies? Drifting pastel coloured bubbles there was none. Delicate, floating flowers of tranquility had disappeared to be replaced with harsh and grating drones the likes of which appear to be new pathways for Midwich to explore. Familiarity there was none.

The hardest track to get through on Running Repairs is Bosky. Bosky is 25 minutes of a note taken for a walk. A primitive industrial buzz that had me wondering if I’d fallen asleep and woken up instead to the Kleistwhar LP’s. I went back and back again and still couldn’t make my mind up as to whether this was stimulating or annoying. Its certainly hypnotic and it is drone but of the kind that only people on Largactil would appreciate.

The opener New Territories is equally as hypnotic but much easier on the ear. A controlled amount of background fuzz over which a rapid and urgent industrial rhythm slowly mutates along its length until it dies out in a helicopter lift off. Maybe the clue is in the title? ( by Idwal Fisher )

Full story here  : I. FISHER

and Vital Weekly 829 :

Here we have three pieces, two quite long and one very short, ‘Pennine Interlude’. In the opening piece ‘New Territories’, which we could regard as a programmatic title, the drones are a bit louder and more forceful than before. Its recorded with one Daniel Thomas and it sounds like a bunch of toy organs being recorded with an open microphone in a small space. Lots
of van/motor sounds and the organs filling up the small, confined space. The ‘Pennine Interlude’ sounds a like radio collage of voice and field recordings, driving you into ‘Bosky’, at just under twenty six minutes the highlight of the release. Here the organ drones are picked up from the mixing desk, being processed by some sound effects but to great minimal effect. With more variation than ‘Opening Territories’, but with an equally loud effect at some point, after a long and slow build up. The new territory is there, and its slightly different than the old one, but unmistakably its there. A fine return to a new form. (Frans De Waard )





~ by STRIATE CORTEX on April 6, 2012.

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