Cdr housed in a handmade sprayed paper outer, acetate name card, postcard liner, and printed disc.   Limited edition of 40 copies.


01. Incidental Guitar pt 1
02. Incidental Guitar pt 2
03. Color Meditation ( Brown )
04. Astral Showers
05. Color Meditation ( Blue )

Back in Feb of this year, I ventured across to Holland from the UK to catch Sindre Bjerga on his Euro Tour with Andrew Perry. Stopping off in Amsterdam, I had the pleasure of meeting a few other curious folks, of whom I have only spoken to prior via email… The glory of the Net eh !!! … !!

Therefore as a result of that, I’m proud to have the honor to work with Steffan de Turck with his ongoing project as Staplerfahrer – with a release called “Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude” ……………

This 50 min ish cdr, begins with a two part piece called ‘Incidental Guitar’, (pt 1) opens with a high octane fueled guitar riff, which wheelies like a Jimi Hendrix improvisation on acid, a realtime/live recording without any edits created by using a Telecaster, an amp and a reverb rich hall. Whilst (pt 2) is a multi layer mix of the various recordings captured from the first initial sessions… and brings us a more mellower affair, slipstreaming you down after the initial crazy road trip!! …

‘Astral Showers’, a perfect tranquill river of mind melt… and is surrounded by ‘Color Meditation’ which also comes in two parts, and was created by using soundclips all originating from clean sine sound samples, capturing certain sound frequencies dealing with and inspired by chakra meditations. ( Brown ) brings the mind to a more peaceful zone, relaxing us into a perfect harmony… & ( Blue ) which leaves you out there, wondering when help will arrive… will anyone pick up the distress signals bringing us back to this reality???

Released 18/05/2012

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Here we have the sound of tempered steel on a molecular level. Kicking off with abstract guitar which quickly thrusts you carelelessly like some grubby rugby ball against a tide of hot lava. Theres a polished chrome purity to this, with a strong industrial sterility. A very revitalising experience, sounds like layers of peeling paint or tar slipping slowly down between your ears.
Very nice, molten liquids, mmmm , again a beautifully packaged slice of greatness, 5stars. ( By Peter Garnett, albaartstudio )


A Staplerfahrer solo CD, “Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude” (Striate Cortex) shows off de Turck’s engagingly slow pacing. Extended sine tones and field recordings are punctuated with blasts of noise, oscillations, and rogue guitar notes. It’s minimal in the sense that there are few elements and they’re allowed to move and breathe, but it’s not really in the usual spiritual/meditative mode; there’s a sense of the musician at work throughout each piece, a more exploratory feel. De Turck isn’t afraid to play a watery field recording for several minutes before introducing extremely light processing. Even in such abstract environs, there’s something narratively engaging; like an accomplished jazz musician, de Turck always seems to know where he is and how a given moment relates to the whole.  ( by Travis Bird, Foxydigitalis )

 Another  review  here  , at Gonzo Circus



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  1. […] 18th saw the official release of my new album “Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude” at Striate Cortex. It’s a collection of new tracks that I made in the period after S.C.’s head honcho […]

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