“Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay”

Cdr housed in a printed sleeve, mounted photo, liner notes enclosed in a handmade envelope, all enclosed in a hessian bag outer. Limited edition of 50 copies.


Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay (Part I)
The Days Become The Weeks And The Weeks The Years
Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay (Part II)
Learning To Live With Your Dreams
Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay (Part III)

Written and performed by Cathal Rodgers

March – May 2012

After a relatively quiet  period since 2010, Cathal Rodgers of  Ireland ( formally Wereju ) takes a new direction,  and earlier this year releasing under his own name he released “Dark Star” on his  own label Sonic Drift. Dedicated to his brother Michael ‘Dan’ Rodgers, the 2 x cdr  set of guitar/synth soundscapes and drone walls.., expresses his deepest personal thoughts and emotions:

Now for Striate Cortex he again produces a perfect album of  textures and drones. Propelling us  deeper inside the  mind, in a whirlwind of dreams.

“To go on means going from here, means finding me, losing me, vanishing and beginning again, a stranger first, then little by little the same as always, in another place, where I shall say I have always been, of which I shall know nothing, being incapable of seeing, moving, thinking, speaking, but of which little by little, in spite of these handicaps, I shall begin to know something, just enough for it to turn out to be the same place as always, the same which seems made for me and does not want me, which I seem to want and do not want, take your choice, which spews me out or swallows me up? I’ll never know, which is perhaps merely the inside of my distant skull where once I wandered, now am fixed, lost for tininess, or straining against the walls, with my head, my hands, my feet, my back, and ever murmuring my old stories, my old story, as if it were the first time”.

Thirty-Nine Years of Decay is the soundtrack to the slowly greying days..  time wrinkling it’s way ever onwards… we battle the relentless onslaught of moss upon our dreams, chipping the rust from our hopes and aspirations..  Yet always seeking, and sometimes finding, that silver lining…

“Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better“.

Released 03/07/2012

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After a period of silence Cathal Rodgers is back, but no longer as Wereju ( Vital Weekly 573, 658 ), but under his own name, with a slightly different sound. Before his music was made with guitars to do music that sounded unlike anything with a guitar but long form drone music, here its music with guitars and sound effects that play music that goes towards the more industrial world, but with that dark ambient twang. Music that is louder than before, but its never noisy. Surely something has happened in the world of Rodgers that made this change, and I bet its something not positive. This music is all about sadness and non-acceptance thereof. Loud, angular blasts of guitar music, not by strumming it gently, but having it howl around like a wounded animal. Slightly distorted at the edges, but that’s no doubt part of the idea. Not the best in its kind, not the worst, this is probably a fine therapy and good to share it.

( FDW ~ Vital Weekly 840 )


Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay is artfully constructed, beautifully evocative and emotionally harmonious.  It is melancholy without being maudlin or sentimental, gruffly realistic without being unkind or gratuitous.  It is the sound of someone trying to process difficult notions about time, about aging, about mortality and taking seriously the enormity of the challenge.  For the record: I am talking about layers of pedal-loop throbbing, scything guitar and/or synth drones, high tension metallic pulses all beautifully recorded and elegantly balanced.  A point is being made eloquently and convincingly.  It is an album of the year contender, for sure. ( Rob Hayler, Radiofree Midwich )

full article from Rob  here

… and a  brilliant  review  at Igloomag  , by Stephen Fruitman


email Cathal for a  copy  at      rodgerscathal( at )yahoo( dot )com

Listen & Digital download  here  


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