~  A Leeds Assemblage ~

A split box set, limited edition of 50 copies. Released to celebrate the 50th Striate Cortex edition, and the birth of Sheepscar Light Industrial.

Four mini 3″ cdrs housed in separate black windowed sleeves. Encased in a cream hand decorated box. With pro liner notes.

“Most Thursdays at 1pm the roster represented by this box-set meet up in The Victoria Hotel, Leeds. An hour or so of scandalising gossip, bullshit flinging and note-comparing, mainly music related, takes place over a liquid lunch. The tradition of this assemblage is, amazingly, more than a decade old. The venue has changed once or twice, the personnel varies due to other commitments, but the form of the hour remains constant: someone says ‘have you heard x?’, someone else says ‘yes, but y is better’, a third someone (usually me) says ‘I’ve no idea what you are talking about’ and then we all swap our latest releases and laugh at how hungover Paul is. It is a cracklin’ fuzzball of creative energy and friendship. I am delighted to have it in my life and I am proud to see it celebrated with this release. Lovely pub too – y’know I proposed to my wife in this bar…” Rob H.


01. Astral Social Club : ‘Sinister Depilator’

 ( With Paul Walsh )

02. Daniel Thomas : ‘Beneath It All, Desire Of Oblivion Runs’

03. Midwich : ‘Verdigris

04. Ashtray Navigations :

 ‘Day Of Thor’  &  ‘Wren Became A Wimpy Bar’

( With Mel O’dubhshlaine  )

Sound Samples here

Released:  28/07/2012,  and  first presented at  Wharf Chambers   Leeds  ….

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Postcard & box band photo:  Sheepscar at night by Daniel Thomas


At Murmur



You still may get  one  by following  the links  in the write up above, and  contacting the  artists  themselves….


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on July 15, 2012.

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