“Phase 1: Preliminary Investigations”

Presented in a hand made wallet, 8 page mini booklet, printed 3″ cdr disc, text insert, all enclosed in a pvc slip sleeve. Limited edition of 70 copies.


There are 8 individual tracks all untitled.

Items 1-8 contain selected speculative electronic elements originating from archival ferric oxide media.

All tracks & artwork photography  by J.R.Moore.

Sound samples here

Released 25/07/2012

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A collage of electronically generated sketches, this is a keen eared journey of repetitive signatures and filtered outgrowths with no flabby indulgences to spoil the stark majesty. Essentially one track, each of these speculative investigations jut up against each other, bordered by short gasps of silence. Each section competes with the next in an eagerness of potential. Abstracts are … coaxed… curtailed squeezed into pleasing patterns or mulched beyond their original natures like some UFO rotisserie of blurring currents and slither lasered horizons. There are even some inklings of damaged IDM flittering around in there, plying a dirty urbanised pulse, one of which is absolutely begging for those Etant Donnes boys to shout all over it… This mini cd maybe a work in progress, but the jigsaw is an intriguing one, cryptically hinting of wonders to come… ( By Cloudboy at Rottenheaps )


Sapir Whorf is the solo project of James Moore from Black Mountain Transmitter. It is a beautiful name. “Phase 1 : Preliminary Investigations” is a twenty minute sketch book of selected speculative electronic elements originating from archival oxide media. Eight small vignettes of electronic sound. Old sequencers and synthesizers making the twenty minutes sound like an early Throbbing Gristle studio tape, or an early Broken Flag tape or something that came out on Deleted Records or Integrated Circuit thirty odd years ago. It’s a fresh sound, but then the comparisons I have used are timeless. The sounds are on a 3″CDr and packaged with an eight page booklet and enveloped in thick black card. Sapir Whorf “Phase 1” is a classic piece of audio art.

( By Stephen Cammack – Muhmur )

also at Vital Weekly by F.D.Waard 848



~ by STRIATE CORTEX on July 20, 2012.

5 Responses to “S.C.49. SAPIR WHORF”

  1. Any nano-tasters for this available?

  2. How do I buy?

  3. […] in recent weeks a mutual acquaintance – James Moore of Sapir Whorf – dropped Tim’s name and Andy leapt at the chance to be reintroduced. This belated […]

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