“Dissolving Into Light”

Presented in Two limited edition box sets of 50 copies.

Both editions contain “Dissolving Into Light” mounted in a 8 page booklet, which sits in a hand crafted box, with printed internal sleeves, & stickered poly outer .


1. Now Where
2. ( )
3. New Directions In Absolute Pointlessness
4. Avoiding Reality Behind One Way Glass
5. Dissolving Into Light
6. 36 Hours

Extra content:

Edition 1:

Folksongs And Blackness:
Recorded live to disc, Streathbourne Rd, London, October 22, 2006. Originally released in limited format as part of a tour only 2xcdr, November 2006.

Dissolving Into Light: Dvd
A collection of films by Peter Wright.
Footage shot in London and Hong Kong, September 2007 – August 2008.
Audio recorded , Streathbourne Road, London, March – July 2007.


Edition 2:

611 Florida Ave:
Recorded live at 611 Florida Ave. Washington, December 2 2006 .

European Monoliths:
Live recordings ,
Recorded at the Sound Of Mu, Oslo, December 12 2006 ,
Instants Chavirés, Paris, December 15 2006 ,
and The Fleapit, London, August 27 2006 .

James Blackshaw plays zither on Whispers.


Recorded by Peter Wright, Tooting Bec, London, March – July
2007. Guitars, Bulbul Tarang, Voice, Laptop.

Street location recordings from Abbey Road, other outdoor recordings from Streatham Common.

Mixed and mastered January 2010, Lyttelton, New Zealand.

Released:  30/03/2010 .

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