“The Silver Conch”

 Housed in a decorated/sprayed card sleeve with glossy liner notes. Limited to 60 copies.


01. The Silver Conch Sings
02. Sorry I Ruined Your Vinyl
03. Corporate Mouthfeel Campaign
04. Bradford Beach Riot  ( alternate version )
05. Tiger Stream
06. Reconstructed Viking Warrior
07. Country Boy
08. Do You Picture Me In My Robe?
09. Not Sure
10. Clunk Click
11. The Silver Conch Sings Again

humps by posset 2009/2010
bradford beach riot is ripped off from the mods & rockers track of the same name.      Check it out man !!! .

POSSET  in action at home : Dictaphone Squabble 

more archival footage  here

Released  03/03/2010

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RFM faves Posset present a spread of gonzo skronking and improvised, Dadaist unmusic.  The odd track is sketchy, even maddening, but the rest is engaging and the best has the playful feel of a Nurse With Wound collage.  One thing I dig about this band is that Joe is obviously bubbling with ideas but doesn’t let any one outstay its welcome.  I dunno if this is discipline on his part or attention deficit disorder, but it makes listening to a Posset album like eating at an adventurous tapas bar: even if one dish is unpalatable, a delicious morsel could be next up… ( by Rob Hayler )

Live at Cafe Otto




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