“Recorded By Friends At Three Speeds”

Housed in a cloth covered sleeve, sprayed back, and deco dropdown.
Limited edition of 100.


01. Live: Outdoors with Friends
02. Pitch
03. Ghost Enters the Cloud
04. Unsteady
05. Live: For Dorothy
06. Daytime Series
07. The Deer

Released  07/01/2011

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There is very little fuzz; no comforting harmonic blanket to suck your thumb under.  There is also little in the way of groove.  Aside from one elongated cymbal crash and a few echoing snaps percussive noise is entirely absent.  Leaving these easy ways of engaging our attention to one side, Pink Desert present us with some serious, focussed electronics constructed with the sense-sharpening clarity of a frosty morning in the Dales.

This precision is not academic, however, nor is it politely ‘new age’.  These tracks shimmer with a low-key but efficiently realised emotional resonance and Pink Desert are happy to let it drift into the red if appropriate, as on stand out track ‘For Dorothy’.  Looking for something to put on after having listened to this I have, more than once, shrugged my shoulders and just pressed ‘play’ again – it is an album that both demands and repays your attention. ( By Rob Hayler ) – Full story here

Get a copy  here

or get a free digital download  here


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on July 23, 2012.

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