From a phone call to a perfect night!!!

When Rob Hayler  and myself  discussed the  possibility of a box set  split release  containing some  of  the current top drone / experimental artists within the  Leeds scene at present. Who would have  envisaged a concert  of  celebration occurring due  to its development.

“Most Thursdays at 1pm the roster represented by this box-set meet up in The Victoria Hotel, Leeds. An hour or so of scandalising gossip, bullshit flinging and note-comparing, mainly music related, takes place over a liquid lunch. The tradition of this assemblage is, amazingly, more than a decade old. The venue has changed once or twice, the personnel varies due to other commitments, but the form of the hour remains constant:”  Rob.. H

On 28/07/2012 the Victorian Assemblage gathered again at Wharf Chambers in Leeds. Where Sheepscar  Light Industrial  arranged and presented a perfect  setting for the gathering to not  only have a second  chance  to discuss the  goings  on over  the last week , but change chatter  to sound !!!

Thanks  to everybody for taking part  in the  event  and the release  ..

All in all, a PERFECT night …………

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Sound samples  and  full download of  the evening are available  at

Sheepscar  Light Industrial

& crazy review  of  the  whole  event  and happenings  at RFM

 cheers Rob  ….   !

MASSIVE  REVIEW  of  the current  happenings  at Sheepscar Light Industrial, at Avant Music News


~ by STRIATE CORTEX on July 31, 2012.

5 Responses to “WHARF CHAMBERS ~ LEEDS ~ 28/07/2012”

  1. Thanks for coming over Andy, it was great to see you and, yup, it was a cracking night. I’ve just popped a little post on the Sheepscar Light Industrial blog, which has excerpts of the performances along with the option to download all of the sets in full!


  2. […] Andy’s verdict on the night, plus some photos, can be seen on the Striate Cortex site here. […]

  3. Cheers Andy – good to meet you. The box is a cracker.

    Best event I’ve been to in ages – not a duff moment, thanks everyone.

    Hope you didn’t have too many more unwanted diversions on the city centre loop!

    • ah cheers Dave …
      no had a really great time , met a lot of nice people
      and luckily no more unwanted diversions on the city centre loop!

      see you next time Dave

  4. Hi Andy. Just read Rob’s write up of the show & seen your photos & write up here. Sounds like a belter. Good to see your cheeky grin man. Take it easy. Joe fromNewcastle.

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