Hand decorated box set, containing 2 x mini cdrs, liner notes, and hand painted mini booklet containing links to download codes for a digital copy of the release. Limited edition of 45 copies.


cd 1

recorded live 24 july 2011 at Mayhem, CPH

cd 2
Electric Adventure
recorded 2009-2012.

CP – sequencer, processing, guitar, dictaphone, e-bow, turntable

photo of CP by Stig Eyvind Vatne
thanks to Henrik Bagner and Sindre Bjerga

Released 14/09/2012

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Terrestial by Claus Poulsen, probably best known around these parts for Star Turbine, his collaboration with Sindre Bjerga.

The music is unashamedly spacey electronica: epic synth washes, chattering and bibbling, languid shifts in texture.  Apart from some late bursts of noise, perhaps, this could have been released in the mid-90s on Pete Namlook’s FAX label.  High praise from me.

The entire of the first disc is given over to the 19 minute title track (no, I don’t know where the third ‘r’ has gone either) which is a sweeping account of a generation starship‘s cruise through unimaginable spans of nothingness.  The production is careful, balanced, detailed – exquisite.  The second disc contains four shorter tracks, noisier but just as disciplined in their construction, which mark the arrival of the craft at its destination planet and the exploration of the seas and caverns found there.  There is even a party of sorts to celebrate touchdown: second track ‘Heat’ has a beat (very rare on SC releases!) but its dubby clatter only serves to accentuate the eeriness of the new surroundings.  Accomplished and involving stuff.

 ( Rob Hayler, Radiofree Midwich )

Full article here

Grab the official digital version   here



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