Housed in a hand made cd sleeve, enclosed in a hand made outer cover, pro art postcard, and printed disc. Each copy contains 2 / 3 incense sticks. Comes in a limited edition of 50 copies.


 Release  contains 5  Untitled  pieces.

Sahumerio is an Aztec incence for purification purposes…

Dedicated to my wife, Maria Rivera, my desert queen…

Released 14/09/2012

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Cuidad Juárez, Mexico, is a city with a murderous reputation. The war between rival drug cartels and the police made it, until recently, the homicide capital of the world. Life is tough for a civilian just trying to raise a family. I’m sure you can imagine that if you found yourself in that situation you would need a means of catharsis, a way of making sense of it all. Well, my friend Miguel Pérez lives there and he escapes through noise.

A background in the metal scene of the 90s taught him musicianship – he is an exceptional guitarist – but it was his discovery of noise and improv that set him free. A Stakhanovite work rate has led to dozens of releases under several pseudonyms, mainly through the netlabel Oracle he co-runs with Pablo Mejia, a noise artist based in the Dominican Republic.

I came to his work via the Culver-esque roars of La Mancha Del Pecado but my favourite of his projects is the solo, acoustic guitar of The Skull Mask. These improvised, psychedelic ragas are influenced by ritual music from around the world, including the shamanistic tradition of his native country, filtered through his own experiences of the Mexican wilderness.

It is beautiful, compelling, raw, ego dissolving stuff. To listen to The Skull Mask is to stand facing the hot, abrasive desert wind.

Rob H, Leeds, UK, August 2012.

Follow this link to free downloads of  Miguels  other  work here



This mini cdr starts out with a spacey vibe, an early Eyeless in Gazasparkle of strings … Candlelit coronas of ascending frets and cyclesounds… completely solo wanderings… almost stripped to the bone, with only the lightest of dronic mystery to distract you from the fact…Miguel Pérez’s guitar playing is exceptional, his fingers conjuring up a myriad of dancing shapes and esoteric cyphers… colours that seemingly conversate in multiple exposures , curving the gloom in bowl like illumination. Vibes twisting upward in salamandering canter, mimicking the vapours of the enclosed incense which I recommend you burn whilst listening to this. The classical inflexions veiled in a scimitar of Turkish/Eastern flavours as flashes of white horse ride the lapping raga pulse, bespeckled in violent mood swings. This is a passionate display of force, a spin with jewelly diffusions banishing the bad vibes of Cuidad Juárez’s past, where human life was the cheapest of commodities…

( By Cloudboy at Rottenmeats )


This is heroic stuff, recorded simply and cheaply with a red-raw honesty (occasionally a ‘chk-chk-chk’ noise can be heard high in the right channel, no doubt an artefact of the recording, but it stands in for the cicadas of Miguel’s beloved Mexican wilderness and inadvertently adds to the heat-haze atmosphere). Miguel was amused to see this described as ‘bluesy’ in Vital Weekly but during Part Three, the epic nine minute centrepiece, it isn’t hard to imagine him standing at the crossroads, his loose-fingered raga whipping the desert dust into strange, dancing anthropomorphic shapes.

The pieces either side illustrate the expressive power of Miguel’s technique: sore-eyed from the campfire or crackling and mysterious or solemn and contemplative.  In isolating these moods Andy has given us a new way of appreciating the rolling whole.  He has somehow managed to carve smoke.  An essential purchase, obviously.

 ( Rob Hayler, Radiofree Midwich )

Full article here

… And  superb review  by Stephen Fruitman up at Cyclic Defrost

also at Vital Weekly  by F.D Waard.  848



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