“Unknown Strains”

3″ mini cdr comes in a handmade paper wallet, pvc slip sleeve containing 3 small postcard inserts, and printed disc. In an edition of 50 copies.


01. Germ Codex
02. 57.14 North
03. Pathogen Drift
04. Synthetic Telepathy
05. Virus Transmitter

Recorded at S7 ( Winter 2010 )

All audio – Tim Mitchell
Mastered – J.R.Moore

Released  19/11/2012

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The music is compelling, eerie, spacious.  Machines emit electronic throbs and skitter.  Bubbles of sound rise and burst releasing snatches of barely audible dialogue from public information films or maybe a videoed record of laboratory life.  It feels like walking around a ruined industrial complex on a frosty morning, taking off your glove to feel the side of a giant centrifuge and, inexplicably, finding it warm to the touch, still humming.  The album and track titles suggest a science fiction tale of escaped contagion, a story compiled from the remaining fragments of the official record but told with the nihilistic, noirish efficiency of Roadside Picnic by the Strugatsky brothers.  Hypnotic, immersive, icily calm.

 ( By Rob Hayler ~ Radio Free Midwich )  Full story here.



~ by STRIATE CORTEX on November 15, 2012.


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