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Housed in a hand made cd sleeve, enclosed in a hand made outer cover, pro art postcard, and printed disc. Each copy contains 2 / 3 incense sticks. Comes in a limited edition of 50 copies.


 Release  contains 5  Untitled  pieces.

Sahumerio is an Aztec incence for purification purposes…

Dedicated to my wife, Maria Rivera, my desert queen…

Released 14/09/2012

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Cuidad Juárez, Mexico, is a city with a murderous reputation. The war between rival drug cartels and the police made it, until recently, the homicide capital of the world. Life is tough for a civilian just trying to raise a family. I’m sure you can imagine that if you found yourself in that situation you would need a means of catharsis, a way of making sense of it all. Well, my friend Miguel Pérez lives there and he escapes through noise.

A background in the metal scene of the 90s taught him musicianship – he is an exceptional guitarist – but it was his discovery of noise and improv that set him free. A Stakhanovite work rate has led to dozens of releases under several pseudonyms, mainly through the netlabel Oracle he co-runs with Pablo Mejia, a noise artist based in the Dominican Republic.

I came to his work via the Culver-esque roars of La Mancha Del Pecado but my favourite of his projects is the solo, acoustic guitar of The Skull Mask. These improvised, psychedelic ragas are influenced by ritual music from around the world, including the shamanistic tradition of his native country, filtered through his own experiences of the Mexican wilderness.

It is beautiful, compelling, raw, ego dissolving stuff. To listen to The Skull Mask is to stand facing the hot, abrasive desert wind.

Rob H, Leeds, UK, August 2012.

Follow this link to free downloads of  Miguels  other  work here



This mini cdr starts out with a spacey vibe, an early Eyeless in Gazasparkle of strings … Candlelit coronas of ascending frets and cyclesounds… completely solo wanderings… almost stripped to the bone, with only the lightest of dronic mystery to distract you from the fact…Miguel Pérez’s guitar playing is exceptional, his fingers conjuring up a myriad of dancing shapes and esoteric cyphers… colours that seemingly conversate in multiple exposures , curving the gloom in bowl like illumination. Vibes twisting upward in salamandering canter, mimicking the vapours of the enclosed incense which I recommend you burn whilst listening to this. The classical inflexions veiled in a scimitar of Turkish/Eastern flavours as flashes of white horse ride the lapping raga pulse, bespeckled in violent mood swings. This is a passionate display of force, a spin with jewelly diffusions banishing the bad vibes of Cuidad Juárez’s past, where human life was the cheapest of commodities…

( By Cloudboy at Rottenmeats )


This is heroic stuff, recorded simply and cheaply with a red-raw honesty (occasionally a ‘chk-chk-chk’ noise can be heard high in the right channel, no doubt an artefact of the recording, but it stands in for the cicadas of Miguel’s beloved Mexican wilderness and inadvertently adds to the heat-haze atmosphere). Miguel was amused to see this described as ‘bluesy’ in Vital Weekly but during Part Three, the epic nine minute centrepiece, it isn’t hard to imagine him standing at the crossroads, his loose-fingered raga whipping the desert dust into strange, dancing anthropomorphic shapes.

The pieces either side illustrate the expressive power of Miguel’s technique: sore-eyed from the campfire or crackling and mysterious or solemn and contemplative.  In isolating these moods Andy has given us a new way of appreciating the rolling whole.  He has somehow managed to carve smoke.  An essential purchase, obviously.

 ( Rob Hayler, Radiofree Midwich )

Full article here

… And  superb review  by Stephen Fruitman up at Cyclic Defrost

also at Vital Weekly  by F.D Waard.  848




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Hand decorated box set, containing 2 x mini cdrs, liner notes, and hand painted mini booklet containing links to download codes for a digital copy of the release. Limited edition of 45 copies.


cd 1

recorded live 24 july 2011 at Mayhem, CPH

cd 2
Electric Adventure
recorded 2009-2012.

CP – sequencer, processing, guitar, dictaphone, e-bow, turntable

photo of CP by Stig Eyvind Vatne
thanks to Henrik Bagner and Sindre Bjerga

Released 14/09/2012

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Terrestial by Claus Poulsen, probably best known around these parts for Star Turbine, his collaboration with Sindre Bjerga.

The music is unashamedly spacey electronica: epic synth washes, chattering and bibbling, languid shifts in texture.  Apart from some late bursts of noise, perhaps, this could have been released in the mid-90s on Pete Namlook’s FAX label.  High praise from me.

The entire of the first disc is given over to the 19 minute title track (no, I don’t know where the third ‘r’ has gone either) which is a sweeping account of a generation starship‘s cruise through unimaginable spans of nothingness.  The production is careful, balanced, detailed – exquisite.  The second disc contains four shorter tracks, noisier but just as disciplined in their construction, which mark the arrival of the craft at its destination planet and the exploration of the seas and caverns found there.  There is even a party of sorts to celebrate touchdown: second track ‘Heat’ has a beat (very rare on SC releases!) but its dubby clatter only serves to accentuate the eeriness of the new surroundings.  Accomplished and involving stuff.

 ( Rob Hayler, Radiofree Midwich )

Full article here

Grab the official digital version   here



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From a phone call to a perfect night!!!

When Rob Hayler  and myself  discussed the  possibility of a box set  split release  containing some  of  the current top drone / experimental artists within the  Leeds scene at present. Who would have  envisaged a concert  of  celebration occurring due  to its development.

“Most Thursdays at 1pm the roster represented by this box-set meet up in The Victoria Hotel, Leeds. An hour or so of scandalising gossip, bullshit flinging and note-comparing, mainly music related, takes place over a liquid lunch. The tradition of this assemblage is, amazingly, more than a decade old. The venue has changed once or twice, the personnel varies due to other commitments, but the form of the hour remains constant:”  Rob.. H

On 28/07/2012 the Victorian Assemblage gathered again at Wharf Chambers in Leeds. Where Sheepscar  Light Industrial  arranged and presented a perfect  setting for the gathering to not  only have a second  chance  to discuss the  goings  on over  the last week , but change chatter  to sound !!!

Thanks  to everybody for taking part  in the  event  and the release  ..

All in all, a PERFECT night …………

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Sound samples  and  full download of  the evening are available  at

Sheepscar  Light Industrial

& crazy review  of  the  whole  event  and happenings  at RFM

 cheers Rob  ….   !

MASSIVE  REVIEW  of  the current  happenings  at Sheepscar Light Industrial, at Avant Music News


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 “The Silver Conch”

 Housed in a decorated/sprayed card sleeve with glossy liner notes. Limited to 60 copies.


01. The Silver Conch Sings
02. Sorry I Ruined Your Vinyl
03. Corporate Mouthfeel Campaign
04. Bradford Beach Riot  ( alternate version )
05. Tiger Stream
06. Reconstructed Viking Warrior
07. Country Boy
08. Do You Picture Me In My Robe?
09. Not Sure
10. Clunk Click
11. The Silver Conch Sings Again

humps by posset 2009/2010
bradford beach riot is ripped off from the mods & rockers track of the same name.      Check it out man !!! .

POSSET  in action at home : Dictaphone Squabble 

more archival footage  here

Released  03/03/2010

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RFM faves Posset present a spread of gonzo skronking and improvised, Dadaist unmusic.  The odd track is sketchy, even maddening, but the rest is engaging and the best has the playful feel of a Nurse With Wound collage.  One thing I dig about this band is that Joe is obviously bubbling with ideas but doesn’t let any one outstay its welcome.  I dunno if this is discipline on his part or attention deficit disorder, but it makes listening to a Posset album like eating at an adventurous tapas bar: even if one dish is unpalatable, a delicious morsel could be next up… ( by Rob Hayler )

Live at Cafe Otto




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 “Dissolving Into Light”

Presented in Two limited edition box sets of 50 copies.

Both editions contain “Dissolving Into Light” mounted in a 8 page booklet, which sits in a hand crafted box, with printed internal sleeves, & stickered poly outer .


1. Now Where
2. ( )
3. New Directions In Absolute Pointlessness
4. Avoiding Reality Behind One Way Glass
5. Dissolving Into Light
6. 36 Hours

Extra content:

Edition 1:

Folksongs And Blackness:
Recorded live to disc, Streathbourne Rd, London, October 22, 2006. Originally released in limited format as part of a tour only 2xcdr, November 2006.

Dissolving Into Light: Dvd
A collection of films by Peter Wright.
Footage shot in London and Hong Kong, September 2007 – August 2008.
Audio recorded , Streathbourne Road, London, March – July 2007.


Edition 2:

611 Florida Ave:
Recorded live at 611 Florida Ave. Washington, December 2 2006 .

European Monoliths:
Live recordings ,
Recorded at the Sound Of Mu, Oslo, December 12 2006 ,
Instants Chavirés, Paris, December 15 2006 ,
and The Fleapit, London, August 27 2006 .

James Blackshaw plays zither on Whispers.


Recorded by Peter Wright, Tooting Bec, London, March – July
2007. Guitars, Bulbul Tarang, Voice, Laptop.

Street location recordings from Abbey Road, other outdoor recordings from Streatham Common.

Mixed and mastered January 2010, Lyttelton, New Zealand.

Released:  30/03/2010 .

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Listen to at Distant Bombs



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“Recorded By Friends At Three Speeds”

Housed in a cloth covered sleeve, sprayed back, and deco dropdown.
Limited edition of 100.


01. Live: Outdoors with Friends
02. Pitch
03. Ghost Enters the Cloud
04. Unsteady
05. Live: For Dorothy
06. Daytime Series
07. The Deer

Released  07/01/2011

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There is very little fuzz; no comforting harmonic blanket to suck your thumb under.  There is also little in the way of groove.  Aside from one elongated cymbal crash and a few echoing snaps percussive noise is entirely absent.  Leaving these easy ways of engaging our attention to one side, Pink Desert present us with some serious, focussed electronics constructed with the sense-sharpening clarity of a frosty morning in the Dales.

This precision is not academic, however, nor is it politely ‘new age’.  These tracks shimmer with a low-key but efficiently realised emotional resonance and Pink Desert are happy to let it drift into the red if appropriate, as on stand out track ‘For Dorothy’.  Looking for something to put on after having listened to this I have, more than once, shrugged my shoulders and just pressed ‘play’ again – it is an album that both demands and repays your attention. ( By Rob Hayler ) – Full story here

Get a copy  here

or get a free digital download  here


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“Phase 1: Preliminary Investigations”

Presented in a hand made wallet, 8 page mini booklet, printed 3″ cdr disc, text insert, all enclosed in a pvc slip sleeve. Limited edition of 70 copies.


There are 8 individual tracks all untitled.

Items 1-8 contain selected speculative electronic elements originating from archival ferric oxide media.

All tracks & artwork photography  by J.R.Moore.

Sound samples here

Released 25/07/2012

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A collage of electronically generated sketches, this is a keen eared journey of repetitive signatures and filtered outgrowths with no flabby indulgences to spoil the stark majesty. Essentially one track, each of these speculative investigations jut up against each other, bordered by short gasps of silence. Each section competes with the next in an eagerness of potential. Abstracts are … coaxed… curtailed squeezed into pleasing patterns or mulched beyond their original natures like some UFO rotisserie of blurring currents and slither lasered horizons. There are even some inklings of damaged IDM flittering around in there, plying a dirty urbanised pulse, one of which is absolutely begging for those Etant Donnes boys to shout all over it… This mini cd maybe a work in progress, but the jigsaw is an intriguing one, cryptically hinting of wonders to come… ( By Cloudboy at Rottenheaps )


Sapir Whorf is the solo project of James Moore from Black Mountain Transmitter. It is a beautiful name. “Phase 1 : Preliminary Investigations” is a twenty minute sketch book of selected speculative electronic elements originating from archival oxide media. Eight small vignettes of electronic sound. Old sequencers and synthesizers making the twenty minutes sound like an early Throbbing Gristle studio tape, or an early Broken Flag tape or something that came out on Deleted Records or Integrated Circuit thirty odd years ago. It’s a fresh sound, but then the comparisons I have used are timeless. The sounds are on a 3″CDr and packaged with an eight page booklet and enveloped in thick black card. Sapir Whorf “Phase 1” is a classic piece of audio art.

( By Stephen Cammack – Muhmur )

also at Vital Weekly by F.D.Waard 848