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~  A Leeds Assemblage ~

A split box set, limited edition of 50 copies. Released to celebrate the 50th Striate Cortex edition, and the birth of Sheepscar Light Industrial.

Four mini 3″ cdrs housed in separate black windowed sleeves. Encased in a cream hand decorated box. With pro liner notes.

“Most Thursdays at 1pm the roster represented by this box-set meet up in The Victoria Hotel, Leeds. An hour or so of scandalising gossip, bullshit flinging and note-comparing, mainly music related, takes place over a liquid lunch. The tradition of this assemblage is, amazingly, more than a decade old. The venue has changed once or twice, the personnel varies due to other commitments, but the form of the hour remains constant: someone says ‘have you heard x?’, someone else says ‘yes, but y is better’, a third someone (usually me) says ‘I’ve no idea what you are talking about’ and then we all swap our latest releases and laugh at how hungover Paul is. It is a cracklin’ fuzzball of creative energy and friendship. I am delighted to have it in my life and I am proud to see it celebrated with this release. Lovely pub too – y’know I proposed to my wife in this bar…” Rob H.


01. Astral Social Club : ‘Sinister Depilator’

 ( With Paul Walsh )

02. Daniel Thomas : ‘Beneath It All, Desire Of Oblivion Runs’

03. Midwich : ‘Verdigris

04. Ashtray Navigations :

 ‘Day Of Thor’  &  ‘Wren Became A Wimpy Bar’

( With Mel O’dubhshlaine  )

Sound Samples here

Released:  28/07/2012,  and  first presented at  Wharf Chambers   Leeds  ….

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Postcard & box band photo:  Sheepscar at night by Daniel Thomas


At Murmur



You still may get  one  by following  the links  in the write up above, and  contacting the  artists  themselves….



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An evening of celebration to mark the release of the Victorian Electronics box-set on Striate Cortex and the launch of Sheepscar Light Industrial, featuring Ashtray Navigations, Astral Social Club, Hagman, Mel O’Dubhslaine, Midwich and more t.b.c.

Since 2009 Andy Robinson has been releasing limited runs of beautifully packaged experimental, ambient, drone and noise on his Striate Cortex label. To mark a half century of releases, he is releasing the Victorian Electronics box-set: packaged in a hand-decorated box, this release will contain four 3″ discs, one each from Astray Navigations, Astral Social Club, Daniel Thomas and Midwich.

More on Striate Cortex –

And, as Striate Cortex reaches a milestone, Sheepscar Light Industrial is born. Daniel Thomas’ Leeds based label has been bubbling under the surface for a few months and is now ready to deliver its first three releases; Daniel Thomas & Midwich, Mel O’Dubhslaine and Azores. The latter will feature remixes by Ap Martlet, Daniel Thomas and Phil Todd.

More on Sheepscar Light Industrial – http://sheepscar.blogspot.co.uk/

All three Sheepscar Light Industrial releases and the Victorian Electronics box-set will be available on the evening, there will also be live performances from Ashtray Navigations, Astral Social Club, Hagman, Mel O’Dubhslaine, Midwich and, hopefully, a couple of others too…

Ashtray Navigations
Originally started as a solo project back in 1994, Phil Todd’s Ashtray Navigations have been consistently turning out high quality, psychedelic, experimental, noise. Here, longevity is most definitely an assurance of quality.

More on Ashtray Navigations – http://ashtraynavigations.wordpress.com/

Astral Social Club
Astral Social Club is the (usually) solo project of former Vibracathedral Orchestra member and veteran experimental musicalist Neil Campbell. As was recently said – “The undisputed granddaddy of underground noise/improv/drone/whatever who has been exploring these murky waters for close to 30 years.”

More on Astral Social Club – http://astralsocialclub.wordpress.com/

Mere babes in comparison to the aforementioned stalwarts of the experimental noise underground, Hagman are Daniel & David Thomas (no relation); two men with a variety of noise making devices, effects pedals and lots of wires…

More on Hagman – http://www.facebook.com/HagmanHagmanHagman

Mel O’Dubhslaine
As Ocelocelot or as part of Sculptress, Ashtray Navigations and a variety of other projects, Mel has been making noteworthy noise for many years.

More on Mel O’Dubhslaine – http://melanieodubhshlaine.wordpress.com/

Midwich is the noise of Rob Hayler; former Fencing Flatworm Records head honcho, documenter and veteran of the no audience underground…

More on Midwich – http://radiofreemidwich.wordpress.com/

Wharf Chambers is a members’ club and you need to be a member, or guest of a member, in order to attend.  To join, please visit wharfchambers.org.  Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

massive  Review about  the whole  scene at AVANT MUSIC NEWS


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“Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay”

Cdr housed in a printed sleeve, mounted photo, liner notes enclosed in a handmade envelope, all enclosed in a hessian bag outer. Limited edition of 50 copies.


Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay (Part I)
The Days Become The Weeks And The Weeks The Years
Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay (Part II)
Learning To Live With Your Dreams
Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay (Part III)

Written and performed by Cathal Rodgers

March – May 2012

After a relatively quiet  period since 2010, Cathal Rodgers of  Ireland ( formally Wereju ) takes a new direction,  and earlier this year releasing under his own name he released “Dark Star” on his  own label Sonic Drift. Dedicated to his brother Michael ‘Dan’ Rodgers, the 2 x cdr  set of guitar/synth soundscapes and drone walls.., expresses his deepest personal thoughts and emotions:

Now for Striate Cortex he again produces a perfect album of  textures and drones. Propelling us  deeper inside the  mind, in a whirlwind of dreams.

“To go on means going from here, means finding me, losing me, vanishing and beginning again, a stranger first, then little by little the same as always, in another place, where I shall say I have always been, of which I shall know nothing, being incapable of seeing, moving, thinking, speaking, but of which little by little, in spite of these handicaps, I shall begin to know something, just enough for it to turn out to be the same place as always, the same which seems made for me and does not want me, which I seem to want and do not want, take your choice, which spews me out or swallows me up? I’ll never know, which is perhaps merely the inside of my distant skull where once I wandered, now am fixed, lost for tininess, or straining against the walls, with my head, my hands, my feet, my back, and ever murmuring my old stories, my old story, as if it were the first time”.

Thirty-Nine Years of Decay is the soundtrack to the slowly greying days..  time wrinkling it’s way ever onwards… we battle the relentless onslaught of moss upon our dreams, chipping the rust from our hopes and aspirations..  Yet always seeking, and sometimes finding, that silver lining…

“Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better“.

Released 03/07/2012

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After a period of silence Cathal Rodgers is back, but no longer as Wereju ( Vital Weekly 573, 658 ), but under his own name, with a slightly different sound. Before his music was made with guitars to do music that sounded unlike anything with a guitar but long form drone music, here its music with guitars and sound effects that play music that goes towards the more industrial world, but with that dark ambient twang. Music that is louder than before, but its never noisy. Surely something has happened in the world of Rodgers that made this change, and I bet its something not positive. This music is all about sadness and non-acceptance thereof. Loud, angular blasts of guitar music, not by strumming it gently, but having it howl around like a wounded animal. Slightly distorted at the edges, but that’s no doubt part of the idea. Not the best in its kind, not the worst, this is probably a fine therapy and good to share it.

( FDW ~ Vital Weekly 840 )


Thirty-Nine Years Of Decay is artfully constructed, beautifully evocative and emotionally harmonious.  It is melancholy without being maudlin or sentimental, gruffly realistic without being unkind or gratuitous.  It is the sound of someone trying to process difficult notions about time, about aging, about mortality and taking seriously the enormity of the challenge.  For the record: I am talking about layers of pedal-loop throbbing, scything guitar and/or synth drones, high tension metallic pulses all beautifully recorded and elegantly balanced.  A point is being made eloquently and convincingly.  It is an album of the year contender, for sure. ( Rob Hayler, Radiofree Midwich )

full article from Rob  here

… and a  brilliant  review  at Igloomag  , by Stephen Fruitman


email Cathal for a  copy  at      rodgerscathal( at )yahoo( dot )com

Listen & Digital download  here  


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“Portals Of Exit”

Mini cdr housed in an orange jewel case, textured liner, hand  written by Dianne Roberts, printed disc, enclosed in a handmade painted card outer. Limited edition of 30 copies.


01. Portals Of Exit

A great document of one  of  the shows from Sindre Bjerga’s  Euro tour  earlier this year. Recorded live @ OCCII, Amsterdam, February 23rd 2012.  Sindre again displays his  unique style,     … voice squabble and clatter, squelch, gurgles, clinks, pops, tapes and rumbles   …….    very nice !!  …….

Released 06/06/2012

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Recorded at OCCII in Amsterdam on February 23rd of this year. Bjerga, who seems to be on tour a lot, does it all, noise, improvised music, and being quiet, and here presents something in between all of that, or perhaps a combination of all of that. It opens up with what seems to a straw in a near empty glass sound, or perhaps a contact microphone being eaten by the composer and once that is digested we hear the lo-fi sound of hissy tapes, dictaphones and rumble of a more obscured nature, along with voices from beyond. A very fine piece of electro-acoustic music, not highly refined – in fact: far from it – but a rather personal touch from this great Norwegian guy. Very nice indeed. Catch this guy playing when it he is in your area (check Vital Weekly as he always puts his dates in the announcement section)    (FdW- Vital Weekly 840 )



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“Delighted  In Isolation”

Cdr housed in a 6 page booklet, mounted on a dot, all encased in a hand painted envelope. Limited edition of 50 copies.


There are 9 untitled tracks blended together without any gaps. Sometimes there is an obvious transition, sometimes there is not.

Performed and recorded by Daniel Thomas. March / April 2012.

After the  success of the  recent Midwich cdr at Striate Cortex , I pursued  the  collab artist Daniel Thomas  who played with  Rob Hayler  on the  track  New Territories on the  Running  Repairs cdr  ….. S.C.46   Daniel also residing  in Leeds  UK,  has  created  a wonderful anthology of Pulses  Drones & Noises , with  what I can describe as  a unique blend of style …

to listen to Daniels  other  work  go here :

Released 22/05/2012

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The content, conveyed via the medium of experimental electronic music, called forth the following images to my fevered mind.  The opening track is a one minute field recording of a forlorn diplodocus stood on a mountain of landfill taking surprisingly dainty bites from bin-liners full of domestic rubbish.  His chewing is interrupted by skwees which are presumably aftershocks of the timequake that left the unfortunate creature stranded there.  The scene is set…

…and then reset.  The following section has a science fictional feel as we travel around engine rooms, deserted corridors and chambers housing humming machinery – obviously working, but to no apparent purpose.  Perhaps a probe bursting with nanotechnology crashed into the wrong planet, terraformed it, built bases and has been waiting ever since for the human colonists – colonists who died years before, having arrived on the correct planet only to find their destination still a barren rock.

In the third section, the ruling A.I. of the deserted planet, driven a little crazy by entropy and silence – obviously neither a wild beast nor a god, decides to build a time travelling device in order to find out what happened.  Every machine still working is bent to this task and we have a series of tracks documenting their progress.  This sequence has the alien precision of Julian Bradley’s recordings as The Piss Superstition and is just as unfathomably irresistible.

In the final section, comprising the last three tracks, the time machine is turned on.  There is no ceremony, no fanfare, just the gathering fury of an insistent fuzzed-out drone which begins in track seven and really shakes itself loose in track eight as the laws of physics are pulled in uncomfortable directions.  This winds down and is partially resolved in the ninth and final track.  Has anything happened?  Well, there is a dinosaur eating landfill so: yes.  Did it work out exactly as planned?  I don’t know – does anything?

( by Rob Hayler ) full story here


On the recently reviewed CDR by Midwich, see Vital Weekly 829, we found a track recorded in collaboration with Daniel Thomas.  Like Midwich, Thomas is from Leeds and like Midwich his music owes a bit to the world of drone music. But a difference is that Midwich works clearly with a background of organ like sounds and for Thomas its less easy to say what he does or what his sound sources are. His drone music is then a bit different too. Occasionally a bit more pulse like, such as in the second  or the seventh tracks (all untitled), but then also, at other times a bit more oriented towards to the more heavy, noisier drone clusters such as in the eighth piece. Its not always the most refined voices in drone music Daniel Thomas uses here, although the fourth piece shows he can. Sometimes however things are quite loud and dirty and its never easy to tell what Thomas want with his music. Set forward to please people, lull them to sleep, or perhaps give them a perfect nightmare. Whatever it is, he does it quite well. In the crowded of even noisy drone makers, Thomas shows quite a promise for the future.  (FdW Vital Weekly  834)

plus a SUPERB  !!!  review by Mic Heaps  at Rottenmeats 

and  by James Catchpole at A Closer Listen



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Cdr housed in a handmade sprayed paper outer, acetate name card, postcard liner, and printed disc.   Limited edition of 40 copies.


01. Incidental Guitar pt 1
02. Incidental Guitar pt 2
03. Color Meditation ( Brown )
04. Astral Showers
05. Color Meditation ( Blue )

Back in Feb of this year, I ventured across to Holland from the UK to catch Sindre Bjerga on his Euro Tour with Andrew Perry. Stopping off in Amsterdam, I had the pleasure of meeting a few other curious folks, of whom I have only spoken to prior via email… The glory of the Net eh !!! … !!

Therefore as a result of that, I’m proud to have the honor to work with Steffan de Turck with his ongoing project as Staplerfahrer – with a release called “Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude” ……………

This 50 min ish cdr, begins with a two part piece called ‘Incidental Guitar’, (pt 1) opens with a high octane fueled guitar riff, which wheelies like a Jimi Hendrix improvisation on acid, a realtime/live recording without any edits created by using a Telecaster, an amp and a reverb rich hall. Whilst (pt 2) is a multi layer mix of the various recordings captured from the first initial sessions… and brings us a more mellower affair, slipstreaming you down after the initial crazy road trip!! …

‘Astral Showers’, a perfect tranquill river of mind melt… and is surrounded by ‘Color Meditation’ which also comes in two parts, and was created by using soundclips all originating from clean sine sound samples, capturing certain sound frequencies dealing with and inspired by chakra meditations. ( Brown ) brings the mind to a more peaceful zone, relaxing us into a perfect harmony… & ( Blue ) which leaves you out there, wondering when help will arrive… will anyone pick up the distress signals bringing us back to this reality???

Released 18/05/2012

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Here we have the sound of tempered steel on a molecular level. Kicking off with abstract guitar which quickly thrusts you carelelessly like some grubby rugby ball against a tide of hot lava. Theres a polished chrome purity to this, with a strong industrial sterility. A very revitalising experience, sounds like layers of peeling paint or tar slipping slowly down between your ears.
Very nice, molten liquids, mmmm , again a beautifully packaged slice of greatness, 5stars. ( By Peter Garnett, albaartstudio )


A Staplerfahrer solo CD, “Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude” (Striate Cortex) shows off de Turck’s engagingly slow pacing. Extended sine tones and field recordings are punctuated with blasts of noise, oscillations, and rogue guitar notes. It’s minimal in the sense that there are few elements and they’re allowed to move and breathe, but it’s not really in the usual spiritual/meditative mode; there’s a sense of the musician at work throughout each piece, a more exploratory feel. De Turck isn’t afraid to play a watery field recording for several minutes before introducing extremely light processing. Even in such abstract environs, there’s something narratively engaging; like an accomplished jazz musician, de Turck always seems to know where he is and how a given moment relates to the whole.  ( by Travis Bird, Foxydigitalis )

 Another  review  here  , at Gonzo Circus



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Read    FEATURETTE    here

Written by Rob  Hayler , ( Midwich )  at Radio Free Midwich